Our Little Colombia on the Brd Border

Casita Colombia is more than just a place to stay. It is the culmination of our passion for creating a unique experience that combines the beauty of nature, sustainable living, and the warmth of Colombian culture.
The story begins with Patricia, who hails from Colombia, bringing with her a deep connection to her homeland and a love for its vibrant traditions. On the other hand, Zdenek's ancestors have been rooted in the Vysoka region for generations, fostering a strong bond with the local community and the surrounding natural beauty.
Together, we envisioned a sanctuary where guests could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find solace in the tranquil embrace of nature. We wanted to create a place where the essence of Colombian living could intertwine with the breathtaking landscapes of the Czech Brd region.

Patricia & Zdeněk

The passionate hearts behind the Casita Colombia project

How It All Started

Zdenek's family has been living in Vysoka for several generations. The farm where Casita Colombia is located has been passed down through generations since the 18th century, and its current form is 100 years old. Its atmosphere is indescribable and incomparable, just like Colombian life. Casita Colombia is an attempt to merge two worlds, connecting experiences and ideas accumulated throughout Zdenek and Patty's long-lasting marriage, which is a living testament to diversity, joy, and contentment.
The initial idea was to renovate an old building, but due to the scope of the reconstruction and the discovery of glamping, the family decided to take this path. Casita Colombia is a recycled shipping container that has traveled millions of kilometers across the seas during its existence, and its final journey brought it to the pasture of the local farm. The original twelve-meter shipping container was shortened to nine meters, and the remaining piece became a Finnish outdoor sauna.
The facility is not connected to any infrastructure, giving rise to autonomous living. Being energetically independent is an exceptional feeling, and it teaches one to perceive needs in a different way.
Casita Colombia grew on a sheep pasture established and maintained by their daughter, Isabella. The sheep will keep you company during your stay, and soon a few llamas will join the flock. You can look forward to products such as cheeses, woolen clothing, and more from the hands of Colombian farmers as early as next year.


The Evolution of Casita Colombia over Time

casita colombia

Our Services

Casita is located right on the pasture where a large flock of sheep grazes. Being in contact with them or simply observing them can be truly therapeutic.
Watch deer through the bedroom window, listen to the birds' songs, or go on excursions to the surrounding Brdy region.
Our most magical spot is the terrace, where you can enjoy not only the view of the nearby nature but also breathtaking sunsets.
A Finnish sauna, heated with wood, is included in the accommodation. The sauna area features both indoor and outdoor resting areas, a shower, and a cooling pool.
Casita is not only surrounded by pasture but also by an orchard and vegetable beds filled with seasonal delights that you can use to prepare excellent snacks.
Our accommodation is not connected to the electricity grid or water supply. It is self-sufficient and independent.
Casita Colombia features a fully equipped kitchenette where you can prepare your favorite dishes using local ingredients.
We will be happy to rent you 2 mountain bikes. Or an electric bike.
Our accommodation is for adults only. Come to us to enjoy a moment for yourself and a few days just for the two of you.
A basket full of seasonal and Colombian goodies, including a unique orange marmalade according to a secret recipe, will be waiting for you in the kitchen.
In hanging hammocks, in the shade of old trees, where you will definitely not look for your watch or mobile phone. The sun or the feeling of relaxation will wake you up for another relaxing activity.
As we have our sheep at Casita, there is no room for other pets. But don't worry, we have two friendly dogs and cats to keep you company.
Come and reconnect with nature and recharge your energy.